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Loring Advisory Group maintains the integrity, insights, dedication and discernment for your investment success and financial longevity.

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Our investment clients pay a percentage of assets under management, typically starting at 1%, lowering incrementally as assets grow. We do work with clients on a flat-fee project basis or on an hourly basis, depending on need, complexity and desire of the client. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can determine a structure that works for you.

Our investment managers employ proven, academically rigorous approaches to investments. A culture of integrity and curiosity motivates us to explore leading research and ideas. Regular industry involvement and collegial professional engagements provides insights and input into emerging approaches and opportunities. In all this, we remain keenly focused on our clients’ financial well-being and success. We never game markets or attempt quick wins and we aren’t afraid to challenge convention when opportunities arise. As independent fiduciaries, we’re always working in the best interest of our clients and aligned with their appetite for risk.

We usually maintain a minimum of assets under management (AUM) of $500,000, but will consider working with clients with significant motivation and earning potential. If you’re ready to invest, and get financial advice for life, contact us.

Loring Advisory Group are independent, fee-based Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professionals. We maintain this standard of investment management excellence and our disciplined team is dedicated and obligated to the best interest of our clients.
While we don’t prepare your tax returns, we do provide holistic and comprehensive investment and estate tax planning to minimize tax liability and maximize returns. We strive for aligning investments with finance, life, and estate plans in order to minimize your tax obligations.
From a practical perspective, we communicate with clients across secure channels, from video conference calls to phone and email. From a personal perspective, we ensure that we listen, first and foremost, to our clients needs, then communicate information which is relevant and important, asking questions where we need to so we can get to the needs and details efficiently and effectively. We’re here to ensure you understand your finances and investments and feel confident in making investment decisions; as far as tools, we’ll use what’s comfortable for you.